What are these Dogs saying with their facial expressions?  Learn why.

Learn how to read your dog like a book.  Know what they want. Learn to read body language.

Want a well behaved family member, who you can take to the park and not run away from you?

Mrs.  Maggie white

 Pet name: Katie 

Age: 4 mo.

Breed: English Lab
Basic Obedience, Graduated. 

Learning to stay still in place and not react when a dog or a person walk by.

Mrs. Goosey 

 Pets Name: Duce

Age: 4 mo.

Great Dane

Basic Obedience.
Duce learned the Basic Obedience training. He also learned Doggy socialization and Dog Park Etiquette. He passed with flying colors.

Congratulations Duce!!

Doberman Pinscher. Behavior Modification Training, Fearful and Rehabilitated. 


A Labrador is learning how to mingle with other dogs at the dog park. Notice the tails are up. Why? Learn with, David's Dog Training.

Breed: Golden Doodle.

Pets name:

Did the Basic Obedience program for six weeks. Completed and graduated.  Great Job!!

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Breed: Shepard Mix

Program: Basic Obedience Graduate.

Client Testimonial: David thank you so much for working and training with us . You have a gift in your field of expertise. With each day, Nannok brings us more and more joy. We will always remember the hand you've given in our relationship with him. Sincerely: Jeff, Jenny, and Halle Jewett.

 Pet Name:

Age: 3+yrs
Breed: Black Chow Mix.

Behavior problem:
fearful, shy, timid.

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Sloane, Minka, Baron

Breed: Standard Poodle and Labrador Retriever.

Program: Basic Obedience Graduate.