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In our training  we will use method's that are proven and tested by the Sit Means SitSystem. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers  (A.P.D.T).  As well as the Animal Behavior Training College (A.B.C). I will show you how to better manage and understand your pet.  

We use  Positive reward based program and attention training. We taylor the program according to your life style and your pet's personality and age.  During the training we will use Conditioned Reinforcer, negative and positive punishment, treats (fade out treats) praise, toys, real life rewards, and counter conditioning, capturing and luring.

Tools: The Sit Means Sit system, Body Harness, 6 ft. or longer leash, regular leash and collar.   If needed sometimes I use my personal trained dogs, place cot, door boundry and body pressure and treats.